Alazka presents: Jelly
15/04/2018 20:00
We are very proud to present:

Hailing from The Hague, Netherlands, the aesthetic sound of the West Coast is naturally present in Jellys mixes. From the legendary Bunker Records to Viewlexx, the sound of this territory is the backbone from where the deejay then guides the listeners into her other musical influences.

Although moving inside the underground scene for quite a while as an enthusiastic activist of the local scene, taking part in the organization of various events and festivals in The Hague, Jelly never saw herself on the spotlight of the stage but rather more as an avid supporter of the clubbing music scene and her favorite producers and deejays. That slowly began to change due to the influence of her friends and producers whom in the end of every event listened to her sharp and intriguing music choices on after parties.

Join us at the beach or tune into our livestream!

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