First show in 2018: BAZ REZNIK LIVE 14/01/2018 19:00
Baz Reznik#s collection consists of lot#s of acid and acid-related vinyls from as early as 1980 till the present day.
When the sounds of Detroit hit the Netherlands in the beginning of the nineties, they became quickly adapted. Artists from The Hague and surroundings started mixing it with their own productions and called it "The Westcoast Sound Of Holland".
Baz Reznik is one of the artists pushing that sound by producing techno, acid and electro, mixing it up with disco and house and releasing on vinyl labels like Syncom Data, Bunker records and his own DYFR records. His enthusiasm and energetic choice of records always make a rocking performance.

Selected discography Baz Reznik
Descending Ep - DYFR records
Special Edition 01 - DYFR records (featured on Fabric 60 mixed by Dave Clarke)
Dirt From the Mind Ep - Syncom Data Records
Ghetto Gem - Panzerkreuz (Bunker records)
Nightdrive Through Stuttgard - Sound Travels Recordings
Kill Them All - New York Haunted

(info: Resident Advisor)

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