FreakTheMachine 04/02/2018 20:00

FREAKTHEMACHINE, a collaboration between Mike Hellboy//ii and Jorg, AKA Mr Lantirn) described as improvised "machine gun techno-acid". High-energy rhythms blending techno, industrial sounds and aesthetics, and acid, with gripping vocals resounding from the abyss.

Hellboy/ii has been very active in The West Coast music scene, including hosting regular radio shows on Radio Tonka, several live performances and collaborations, and releases including two recent 12"s on Bunker Records parent-label, Panzerkreuz Records, a "soul-shattering Gargantua of industrial machines". Hellboy/ii also founded Structural Damage Records, an independent record label originally based in Brighton, UK established in 2008 to give a platform for producers and DJs to share their music through net based distribution.

Join us for a night of live/DJ performance and dance at Zahara Cocktailbar in Scheveningen, or tune in via IFM or our FB page.

See you there!


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