Temple Rat - Live (China) 22/10/2017 18:00
Temple Rat ///

May Yuxin grew up in Chengdu, and began to learn then Chinese folk music instrument - the Erhu - when she was 9 years old. Inspired by her passion for electronic music, she started to explore the combination of traditional Chinese folk music with electronic music. Where a new unique Chinese element is beautifully blended in her sound-trucks, she first started out in Chengdu underground scenes and was discovered by producers, which led to many invitations to perform in Shanghai, Xinjiang, Kunming, Suzhou. During this time, people from other countries started to recognize this creative artist. She was then invited to perform in France (Ch®teau Perché Festival) and also at this year#s 2017 ADE Festival (China Pavilion) in Amsterdam.

May is constantly polishing her skills to express her peculiar interpretation of ERHU and electronic music. She founded the brand "Temple Rat" in 2016 and has been playing the ERHU live. Since then, she and her music became unstoppable in numerous music scenes. The combination of strong Eastern 44 frequencies, nature, ancient and industrial rhythms has formed an unprecedented "Temple Rat style".

What is the sound of the Erhu?

As for what it looks like, the Erhu is truly a mysterious instrument, made from two strings and snake skin; its sound reflects a sort of loneliness: "I usually start by playing the ERHU alone, to create a sense of space, mystery and surprise among my audience, then gradually add other sounds and instruments to fill the space with more emotions, slowly bringing my audience on an emotional journey, producing a different kind of atmosphere". - May Yuxin


Marco Duits (Paradise Records) ///

Originally starting out as a vinyl collector Marco Duits turned to be a DJ after getting inspired by the early rave scene in Holland in the 1990s. Being one of those kids of the first rave generation he developed a true love for house music and got involved in organizing underground squat parties throughout the country.

Although these times are far behind him, he is committed to the music like never before. Being one of the driving forces behind the underground venue TAG Chengdu (China), he has hosted countless events and DJs in China.

Spinning many styles over the years such as techno, house, afro, acid, funk, disco, italo, Marco has formed his own unique balance of bringing all these styles together in his widely recognized warm soulful DJ sets.


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