The Whitek project: Unpornounceable & Van Ka 04/03/2018 19:00

Van Ka

During his childhood in the countryside, far from the night life and its club, van.ka discover electronic music thanks to older friends. Firstly passionate by the british jungle drum and bass, and later by the old school dubstep of artists such as Rusko, Benga or Caspa, he bought his first controller with his savings. After hours of deejaying in his bedroom with two poor little speakers, he moved to the city to begin Communication School in Liège (BE). He set his poor speakers and his half broken controller in his student room and continue to search more and more music. Thanks to a classmate, and also dj, Prune L, from Montpellier (FR), he discovered the underground night life and clubs of Liège but also began to get more and more into techno and house music. He began to produce music on Ableton at the same time and produced by trying to create freely, beginning with a sound and improvise to finally find the good vibe. He improved his djing skills during these years, from controller to vinyl, searching for the style that fits him the best, for finally got into the house, jazzy style, like artists such as Andy Hart, Fritz Wentink or Max Graef and also into more deep and minimal gender. The aim of making music and deejaying is to have discovery possibilities, from new places to new people, continue to discover and learn from what is out of our own home.

Mauro Rizla was born in Pescara (Italy) in 1974.

He grew up listening to his fathers records (Moroder, Kraftwerk, Suicide, Alan Parsons Project, Neu!...) and today, those records remain heritage of great sentimental value.

He discovered his passion for DJing at a young age of 13, when in those years Afro/Funk music was very popular in his area.
Due to the strong similarity between his surname and the famous brand of rolling papers, his friends lovingly dubbed him Rizla, and his alias was born. The rest, they say, is history.

He was born artistically in the early 90s at "AudioMusicRadio", a well-known radio station around his area during those years.
Always focused to seek new sounds he became a name around the underground scene of the Abruzzo region for his elegant style with funky, garage and jazzy contaminations, that unexpectedly changes with poignant highlights of techno.

Mauro moved to northern Italy in 2008 where he became a member of "hot chocolate" djs group and started to work with digital tools as a producer.

In 2011 he became dj resident at Cockette party in Milan (project actually hold on since Dj Max_M, as one of the founders, passed away) that has given the opportunity to perform in the best clubs in Milan like DUDE Club, Plastic and Q21.

Always in 2011 he founded the "Whitek" project with other djs, a collective in continuous development that gave birth to many collaborations.

From 2015 based in Amsterdam, focused also to the "Unpronounceable" project that express its origins related to Electro, Dark Wave, Dark Techno, Post Punk, Psych, Industrial, Experimental.

(bio Mauro Rizla@Resident advisor)

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