Zahara presents: Lukas + Marco Duits 17/12/2017 19:00
Zahara is very proud to present to you:

LUKAS (Delta)
Is the founder of DELTA Sounds and co-founder of Hong Kong events organization PUSH, having brought the highest quality techno events and international guests to the city since 2009.
Having launched the events brand DELTA in Europe, played at Berlin#s Griessmühle, warmed up for me and closed for Ben Klock all in 2014, played at YinYang Festival on the Great Wall of
China, One Love Festival in Shenzhen and Midi Electronic Festival across China, it became time to get set for the next years is set to be like no other. In 2016 Lukas brought his brand DELTA
Back to its original home of Hong Kong having hosted events with international artists Truncate, Peter Van Hoesen, Scuba and Agoria in Hong Kong, in Shanghai, [Phase], hosted club nights at 'Celia Shanghai and 'TAG., Chengdu, and played at infamous underground institutions such as 'Korner, Taipei and 'Watergate, Berlins 'Waterfloor to kick off 2017. Lukas sets take a direction that follow from his grassroots influences, focusing on deep dark techno, taking the crowd through a set of rolling waves up and down through driving kick drums, acid synths and melodic rhythms with always an unexpected surprise right down the middle, the floor wont be left disappointed.

MARCO DUITS (Paradise Records)
Originally starting out as a vinyl collector, turned to be a DJ after getting inspired by the early rave scene in Holland in the 1990s. Being one of those kids of the first rave generation he developed a true love for house music and got involved in organizing underground squat parties throughout the country. Although these times are far behind him, he is committed to the music like never before. Being one of the driving forces behind the underground venue TAG Chengdu (China), he has hosted countless events and DJs in China. Spinning many styles over the years such as techno, house, afro, acid, funk, disco, italo, Marco has formed his own unique balance of bringing all these styles together in his widely recognized warm soulful DJ sets.

Join us for a cozy musical evening by the wintery sea with our guests, or tune in by joining our live stream on IFM or on our FB page.

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